About Us

Australian Registered Charity

ABN: 76470761895

Our Purpose

Meri Toksave Inc. aims at mitigating and ending the incidence and impact of domestic, family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea. We are a youth-led organisation that provides youth empowerment and community empowerment to achieve solutions in ending violence against women and in achieving women’s rights.

We provide education, awareness, and improved information accessibility of emergency services and support referral systems for those affected by domestic, family and sexual violence. We endeavour to empower women and engage with men to overcome the attitudes and stigmas surrounding violence.

Mission and Objectives

  1. Empower women of all ages and facilitate the development of their self- worth within Papua New Guinea;
  2. Harness educational mechanisms of printed, video and social media and materials in both Papua New Guinea and Australia to end domestic, family and sexual violence and gender-based violence in all its form in Papua New Guinea;
  3. Create generational change within Papua New Guinea and address the negative stigma of gender based violence victims;
  4. Engage men of all ages within Papua New Guinea and Australia to challenge the existing negative behaviours, attitudes and perceptions of women;
  5. Address the information asymmetry within Papua New Guinea of emergency services contact details for victims of violence;
  6. To act as a platform that provides youth engagement and solutions towards combating gender based violence within Papua New Guinea and Australia;
  7. Actively challenge bystander behaviour within Papua New Guinea and Australia;
  8. Partner with grassroots, local and international organisation in Papua New Guinea to help meet the aforementioned objectives;
  9. Partner and empower with the Papua New Guinea community in Australia and particularly in Queensland to help meet the aforementioned objectives.

Vision Statement

Our vision is an end to the negative attitudes and stigmas that support and perpetuate violence, and one day, the end of domestic, family and sexual violence in Papua New Guinea. Our vision is to one-day witness a Papua New Guinea:

  1. Where society is not divided by gender but where women and men are allied;
  2. Where women are empowered to make their own decisions regarding their sexual and reproductive health;
  3. Where domestic, family and sexual violence is no longer the norm;
  4. Where women have greater representation in all levels of government;
  5. Where there is greater knowledge and accessibility of the resources and emergency services available for those affected by domestic, family and sexual violence including but not limited  to medical, counselling, legal and security services;
  6. Where young people are acknowledged as agents of change and engaged with at all levels of society to help create a more equal Papua New Guinea;
  7. Where there is more engagement within schools and communities to teach children and the public important conflict resolution skills, open communication techniques and the importance of respecting women and girls.

Governance and Legal Status

Meri Toksave Inc. is an Australian charitable institution and Queensland incorporated association. We are a youth-led, secular, non-partisan, non-profit, non-governmental organisation.

We are registered as a charity by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading. We are endorsed for the Goods and Services Tax Concession, Income Tax Exemption, and Fringe Benefits Tax Rebate by the Australian Taxation Office. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission.

Meri Toksave Inc. is governed by our Constitution which sets our the rights and responsibilities of our Executive Committee, volunteers, and members. Each Annual General Meeting, we provide an Annual Report consisting of impact statements, financial accountability, and performance reviews. In accordance with our legal responsibilities, we also report to the ACNC and submit our audited financial documents to the Queensland Office of Fair Trading.

Our Executive Committee and volunteers are expected to act with integrity, respect, professionalism, transparency, accountability, and a high level of ethical responsibility. All members of the Executive Committee and volunteers are bounded by an official Code of Conduct and Child Protection Policy. We are currently in the process of developing a Risk Management Policy, a Counter-Terrorism Policy, an Anti-Fraud Policy, and standards of environmental sustainability and gender equality.

Meri Toksave Inc. is also guided (but not legally accredited) by the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) Code of Conduct for Non-Government Organisations, the International Non Governmental Organisations Accountability Charter, and the Fundraising Institute of Australia Principles and Standards of Fundraising Practice.

Organisational Documents and Governance Reports 

Registration Documents:

Current Constitution: 

Minutes and Resolutions of Meetings: 

President’s Reports:

Financial Statements and Treasurer’s Reports:

Organisational Policies: 

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