News and Events

Meri Toksave Hosts Free Pawa Meri Screening

Meri Toksave is hosting a FREE screening of the Pawa Meri Film Series, on Saturday 18th April at 6pm. The screening will be followed up by a panel discussion on the topic: “Decreasing Barriers to Youth Engagement in Development”. Please come along to learn more about gender equality and youth engagement. Nibbles and drinks will be provided! 

Event Invite

Meri Toksave Invited To UQ Union Social Justice Week Panel

In March during the University of Queensland Union Social Justice Week, Meri Toksave were invited to sit on a panel discussion about the progress on women’s rights in the Millennium Development Goals.

Meri Toksave Invited To UN Youth Queensland Conference 

On the 13th March, Meri Toksave was invited to attend the Social Justice Fair of the Queensland State Conference of UN Youth Australia.

Meri Toksave at UN Youth Conference

Meri Toksave Launches Social Media Campaign: ‘They Say, We Say’.

On the 18th September 2014, the first anniversary of the Papua New Guinean Parliament passing the Family Protection Bill and criminalising domestic violence, Meri Toksave launched the ‘They Say, We Say’ campaign.

The campaign, which runs over the course of 10 weeks and includes a number of posters to be shared and discussed over social media, aims to dispel some of the myths surrounding family and sexual violence.

The ‘They Say, We Say’ campaign posters are released each week via Meri Toksave’s social media channels and we ask followers to like, share and discuss the messages and to #SayItWithUs.

Click on the posters below to see the full messages. Please feel free to download them, we only ask that the images do not get cropped or edited in anyway and of course that proper permission from relevant parties is sought for wherever you may display the images.

*Meri Toksave is proud to announce that from the measuring metrics collected from the 10 week ‪#‎SayItWithUs‬ campaign, our reach was a total of 21, 916 people making 51, 264 impressions.

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