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We’re a non-profit initiative working towards creating generational change. Follow our endeavours, join us and support us along the way so we can continue to empower and change the lives of women in Papua New Guinea.


Become a Member

Meri Toksave is a youth-led organisation however we do not require our members to be under the age of 30, so if you are passionate about gender equality, women’s empowerment and youth leadership become a member of Meri Toksave.

Membership is free and as a member your benefits include:
• A copy of the Meri Toksave Annual and/or Impact Reports;
• The Meri Toksave e-Newsletter and significant updates;
• Voting rights at Meri Toksave Inc. Annual General Meetings (AGM) and any subsequent Special General Meetings (SGM) to elect members of the executive management committee;

The personal information and contact details you provide Meri Toksave Inc. will be kept confidential within the Meri Toksave Inc. team and will not be provided to third parties. If you have any questions about membership, please contact

Please register below:

Join our Facebook group and connect with other supporters from all over the world. Use the link below to access the Meri Toksave Facebook page:

Be part of the Volunteer Team

MT Team
Are you between 18-27 based in Brisbane, passionate about women’s rights and development, social justice and the role of young people in creating change? Meri Toksave is always on the look out for passionate volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering with Meri Toksave please send an email to:

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