Testimonials for the Meri Toksave Directory of Emergency Services

Lydia Kailap, Papua New Guineans Against Domestic Violence:
“The Meri Toksave Directory is one of the most helpful resources currently available in PNG for people who are victims of family violence, and those who are trying to assist them. We are constantly referring to it and giving out information to people in need. It has proved to be invaluable. A sterling effort by Meri Toksave. Thank you.”

Diane Kambanei, Young Women’s Christian Association of Papua New Guinea:
“I found it very useful in advising us on services available that we did not know of in the places that we were conducting trainings in. The directory was useful in referring young women and men too.”

Arianne Kassman, Youth Against Corruption Association of Papua New Guinea:
“It is easy to use and includes contact details for a lot of places you can call for help if you are a victim of Domestic Violence. It is what’s been needed for a long time.”

Yvette Terrell-Perica, United States Embassy, Port Moresby:
“The Meri TokSave directory is a lifeline for so many women who need to know where to go in times of great need, and offering others accessibility to services they might otherwise never know about. Meri Tok Save empowers individuals with information that is useful, and important to the health and safety of women and children. The directory is a valuable resource that should be available at churches, schools, hospitals, police stations. Every woman should have one for herself and one to give away. Thank you for organizing the Meri TokSave directory for the benefit of all.”

Philma Kelegai, The Leniata Legacy:
“The Directory of Emergency Services in Papua New Guinea for Those Affected by Family and Sexual Violence is such a useful tool and very important piece of information. Meri Toksave has identified a need and has collated and continues to collate lifesaving resources into this Directory that is not only available in hard copy, but also online. I personally have been able to use this resource to provide information to many men and women, information which I would otherwise had not had access to. I commend Meri Toksave for their exceptional work in providing this valuable resource.”

Roselyne Kenneth:
“The directory has been a very useful and beneficial tool for us in the service delivery sector. We have benefitted from directory by referring women needing counselling and a safe place to the directory and this has been very effective. It saved us a lot of time keeping and updating our own directory even for our staff. A very good initiative by the Meri Toksave team, a worth wile project for PNG women. Keep it up.”

Louise Humpington, Oxfam in PNG:
“It is no exaggeration to say that this directory is literally a lifeline for many women. There are limited medical, legal, counselling and other support services for the survivors of sexual and family violence in PNG. However, even where they do exist most women are unaware of these services or how to access them. The Meri Toksave Directory is an inspired and absolutely vital tool for ensuring that survivors of sexual and family violence get the support that they require and deserve.”

Jean Martin, Oil Search Foundation:
The Meri Tok Save directory is a fantastic resource for anyone impacted by family and sexual violence. We have distributed this booklet throughout Oil Search PNG and the feedback thus far has been very positive. Staff recognise that this is a useful, relevant and up to date tool.

Oil Search and the Oil Search Foundation are committed to the protection and empowerment of women. Please visit us at http://www.oilsearchfoundation.org/ to learn more about some of our initiatives.

*Please note that these quotes are not necessarily an endorsement by the organisations that the individuals represent.

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